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tv   News  ABC  December 29, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EST

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keeping america secure. that's what the federal government has tried to do to keep american citizens safe. how one says the latest terror attack should never have happened. those stories and more than coming up this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. it is the last tuesday in 2009, so let's see how the weather is
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shaping up today. ? hold on tight to tuesday, because it may blow away from you. we have ourselves a wind advisory, and the winds already proving that true. let's check it out in columbia, 29 degrees right now, winds steady sat 1 or 12 miles per hour, look at that gust to 43, and now we get a steady push at 20. those winds have been pushing to 40 miles per hour already in norisville. that's taking our win chills down to the teens in many spots, and this wind advisory has been updated and suppressed back to 2:00 p.m., so it should ease up inspect the course of the afternoon. hold on to the wheel and look out for flying debris which means anything from tree branches to even some lawn furniture. check on. the roads right now, here is kim. >> definitely the wind playing a part in your commute, because we have wind advisories posted
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in the area bridges so definitely use some caution as you make your wear around. on the belt way, looking good as you head down towards the baltimore national pike. the intersection at trotter road and sunrise is closed due to some trees that have fallen in the area. as we look downtown, traffic looks really quiet as you make your way through baltimore city. megan, back to you. >> all new at 5:30 this morning, north coral ia says today it has detained an american who entered the country illegally, and now his family is pleading for his safe return. >> his courageious actions he took maybe to the collapse of this worst regime in the whole world. >> the family of 28-year-old roberts park said he is on a mission for his church to call attention to north korea's human rights issues. in an e-mail two days before
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christmas, park told his parents incredible miles an hour actlings are happening for the liberation of north koreans. however, north korean officials say he slipped in from china last week. the state department says counter terrorism agencies were warned at the nigerian man who is accused of trying to blow up an airlining christmas day may be under extremist influence. he says the agency received the information on november 20th, be a day after it was provided by the father, but it was not enough to revoke the visa. continuing coverage this morning on securing america's airports. as the state department comes under fire, a maryland lawyer who represents families of september 11th victims is now firing back at the federal government for last friday's incident in michigan. >> megan, attorney keith france
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says during litigation lawyers made it quite clear that certain steps needed to be taken to insure public safety on airplanes. the most significant improvement was the establishment of the transportation security administration or tsa. although tsa screeners don't work outside the united states, he said it was an overall community standard that must be enforced at airports around the world where flights head for the u.s., and president barack obama ordered a review of security policies. >> i think if you ask almost any passenger, they would be willing to see is the way certain -- cede away certain rights in order to insure that their flight is going to be safe. >> keith france says the focus should be on weapons detection and explosives, and more in- depth screening of people who threw up red flags to keep hijackers off of airplanes.
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>> of course this incident in detroit means changes for all security at all airports, and that means longer lines, more random baggages and less freedom the air. passengersed heading to the u.s. will now be screened a second time at the boarding gate. >> whatever that needs to be done to make sure that we're safe as passengers, i'm all for it. >> you kind of have to deal with things as they come, and, i don't know, not a whole lot we can do about it other than just continue doing what we do. got to travel. >> security screenings will differ from airport to airport.
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former republican fund- raiser allen fabian is asking a federal judge to throw out his fraud conviction and nine-year prison sentence. fabian pled guilty in may of 2008 to defrauding companies, creditors, and a fellow church member of an estimated $40 million, but he claims he's innocent and involuntarily agreed to the plea deal. fabian was the finance chairman for michael steel's unsuccessful u.s. senate run back in 2006. >> before we head to break and before you head out the tore,
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here is justin. >> winds already pushing 22 miles per hour and gusting over 40. we'll talk about the chance of a winter storm for new year's eve and new year's day. right now let's go to the mta. >> good morning everywhere. it's a smooth commute so far on the rail. operating on a holiday schedule today. we have the light rail metro subway on regular schedules and on time, and on the bus, 91 bus 15 minutes late. staying an route 702. for the mta transit team, i'm
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now it feels like 15 here in baltimore. 9 in hagers toun and we've just got 1. it feels like 1 degree back towards oakland. they've had some snow out there.
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a few flurries overnight but that is really not the main story here. it really is about the wind and although temperatures will get to about 33, winds gusting to 45 into afternoon. here's kim with traffic. >> so far this morning no problems here. the harrisburg expressway in either direction of 695, but we do have another intersection closed. at mart nellily drive. also in clarksville summer sunrise drive the trees have the intersection closed and we're looking good around the area except for the wind advisories at the bridges and as we look at the jfx, no problem in either direction here at the bridge. back to you. issue number one for lawmakers, keeping your children safe from sexual predators. the renewed effort comes after they found that girl on the eastern shore and the changes that could be coming to keep kids safe.
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we're following a developing story this morning that could become heated in annapolis. you better believe when lawmakers return in the coming days. it's centered around sexual offenders and it's likely to become intense following the finding of the girl last week.
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>> lawmakers will go back to afap lis for the legislative session and some intend to make laws regarding sex offenders their top priority. one group wants to dedicate money for preventative programs that will teach children about inappropriate touching. offenders will find a way to commit the crime, so the focus should be placed on children. convicted sex offender thomas leggs is being held without bond on charges he kidnapped 11-year-old sarah foxwell from her home last week. her body was found on christmas day near the border. they plan to introduce new bills to add tougher sentences for convicted sex offenders and she wants to do away with good time credits in prison for early release. >> they're usually very quiet model citizens who can't wait to get out because their audience isn't in jail with them. it's children out in the street. >> funeral services for sarah foxwell will be held saturday at
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11:00 a.m. in salisbury. anonymous donors have offered to pay for the funeral. thomas leggs have not been charged yet but more charges are anticipated. he's being held without bond. in the studio, abc 2 news. let's take a look at some other stories we're working for you. al qaeda is now claiming responsibility for the failed christmas day plot against an airliner bound to detroit from amsterdam. . >> immediately enhanced screening and security procedures for all flights domestic and international. >> president obama says the u.s. won't simply strengthen its defenses but will disrupt and dismantle violent extremist groups. mr. obama made that mrenl in hawaii where he's spending the
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holidays with his family. an alas can judge's ruling has revealed there is a heated legal custody battle between sarah palin's daughter and the father of sarah palin's grandson. she's seeking sole custody and child support from he vie jonston and he's seeking shared custody of their one-year-old son. around the world, china's brushed aside international appeals today and executed a british man convicted of drug smuggling. his relatives say he was mentally unstable and lured into crime. britain's prime minister who has spoken personally to china's prime minister about this case condemned the execution. china's first of the european citizen in nearly 60 years. and two men from argentina have
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made history concerning latin america's first same sex couple to marry. they had previously tried to marry but they were rejected by city officials citing conflicting judicial rulings. many in argentina remain opposed to guy marriage, particularly the roman catholic church. and scottish singing sensation susan boyle has brought her act to japan. she rocketed to fame with her surprising performance on britain's got talent arrived at tokyo's international airport today and she is there to prepare as a guest appearance on japan's premier local variety show which will be aired live on new year's eve in japan. >>ty officials have a new bus line that will encourage more people to take mass transit. new bus lines are now in effect for all transit users. the priority is for buses and other transit vehicles to help cut down on delays.
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they're also in place for the charm city circumstancelator which will make its debut january 11th. the best part is that you won't have to wait ten ten minutes for . >> wherever you are you shouldn't have to wait longer than ten minutes for the next bus to come and in order to akef that to facilitate the movement of the buses we've incorporated these bus lanes on pratt and lumbar street. the bus lanes will run between president street and martin luther king boulevard. if you drive in those lanes you could be fined 90 bucks and get one point on your license. we are looking at partly cloudy skies. some streamers come across from far distant lake erie. just a little enhancement. not truly lake effect snow. but a lot of energy in the
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atmosphere and you'll notice that energy in the form of some wind today. we'll lock at the focus to the north but your whiteout conditions with some blowing snow on those streamers. buffalo getting it. we've got it near erie pa, near cleveland ohio, even pittsburgh had some snow showers leaning on in western maryland. we're generally checking out these temperatures to 9 in buffalo. and we can factor in the winds of 3 below zero. strong winds, cold air combined making for an unpleasant day all the way up to the north and northeast. in fact, much of the nation under the enfluns of some chill. coming through tomorrow we see the first line of some clouds and this is going to be the high thin clouds. we'll start off sunny and gradually dim out that sun during the day tomorrow. snow and the initial snow passed to our north but by thursday morning, this is the 31st. we are looking at some snow and maybe some rain that will push
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in during the first on set of this storm during the late afternoon p or evening hours. things go downhill new year's day with a chance of accumulating snow. wind advisory goes through 2:00 p.m. winds gusting to 45 miles per hour and tonight the wind settle down, the skies clear out and we'll go down to about 19. for tomorrow, it appears as if we'll have ourselves a day. again, we've got to adjust the graphic here. looks like more 38 degrees but thickening clouds. give way to a chance of a wintery mix. thursday, highs near 40 but cooling down after midnight. too early to say how much but a few inches are possible on new year's day with a high of 34 and some snow showers into the weekend. we're looking good around the area, major roadways. no problems on the harrisburg expressway. no problems to let you know about at the tunnels. we do have some downed trees blocking some intersebs.
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and trouter road and summer sunrise drive blocked due to some fallen trees. also laurel hallmark drive also closed and the winds are picking up a whole lot and we have advisories posted at the bay bridges this morning and looking at the jfx, no problems in either direction. traffic flowing freely as you make your way southbound headed toward downtown. if you're planning to head downtown in baltimore or any other neighbors in the cit new year's eve celebrations, we want to get you home safely. a free ride is offered home to those who have been drinking in the city. that program will run from midnight to 4:00 a.m. on new year's eve and the next two nights. it's 1-877-963-taxi. take that number with you when you head out the door. well, dogs have some of the most particular names like
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a dog in minnesota is eating whatever she wants after saving her owner's life. would be night last week her owner was going through her fightly routine when she fainted. she later learned that she was having a stroke and that's when milky way jumped into action. she sprinted from the bathroom into her sister's bedroom, scratched at julie until she got up and called 911. doctors say if it was not for the dog she wouldn't have sur vied. we're going to send it over to justin with a check on your weather. >> all right. a quick peek here at the rest of the week going into the weekend of 2010 and wind advisory today takes us to 2:00 in the afternoon. winds gusting to 45 miles per hour and temperatures only in the low 30s.
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you'll feel like the teens. 38 tomorrow with thickening clouds. a wintery mix developing on thursday afternoon which means it could be a little messy to get to that party for new year's eve and after midnight temperatures will start to drop and a chance of accumulating snow will take us through new year's day. a larger storm expected up in new york and new england. that could be interesting to watch for the ball to drop but temperatures staying below freezing with at least snow showers taking us through sunday and monday. it is 5:57 and there is much more of good morning maryland coming up. stick around.
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her kidnapping and death brings new light to laws about sex offenders in our state. what maryland plans to do to fix the pr. a failed terrorist plot brings airport security


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